Improve your Google search results by marking up your content items

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Have you have seen what happens when you Google one of those large companies like Apple? If you actually search for this specific keyword in Google, you will get a lot of interesting structured information about the company and brand like, logo, stock price, date and place founded, head quarters, founders, products, Wikipedia facts, social profiles, executives' profiles, search within its website, places in Google Maps and many - many other goodies, that improve user experience promote action points and improve the Search Engine ranking. Check the following picture and you will see what I mean. Keep reading if you want to know how easy it is to do this for your own website.

Microformats rich snippets Google structured data

Now did you know you that every website has access to this great Google features, but only a few so far actually take advantage of it? As a matter of fact Google does all these automatically if you structure your website's data in a certain way. The way to do it is using Microformats, also called Rich Snippets, Microdata, or Structured Data and is a way to mark up content and help Google better understand its context for display in Search. You do this by marking up content properties and enabling actions where relevant. This makes it eligible for inclusion in Rich Cards and Rich Snippets. For some content types, it allows users to engage directly with your content right from Search. Read more about Microformats...



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