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Would you like to increase the number and quality of your business reviews? Watch this brief video to see how Online Reputation Management (ORM) will the help you achieve just that:

Your online review rating impacts your business. We work to bring in the good reviews and minimize the bad ones so that you’re putting your best foot forward and have the reputation you deserve.

online reputation management service

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  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

  • 93% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses.

  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

  • 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant.

  • Most consumers look at 2+ review sites before making a decision.

Source: https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/

top reason why people don't review

Top reasons why people don't review

  • I didn’t have time!

  • I forgot!

  • I don’t know how!

Our online review management system resolves all the above problems and completely automates the entire process, throughout all the stages. It guides the reviewers and makes it easy for them to leave a review, while it captures bad experience reviewers and gives you the chance to resolve their bad experience and turn it to a good one. So not only it helps your business, it also helps your customers to experience the quality they deserve."

Even if you have a good review rating, you need our online review management service, because:

  1. Even one bad review can severely impact your rating.

  2. Your prospect customers need to know that you still own this business and it still provides good products and/or services. So recent reviews are essential. While reviews that are older than 3 months are important to have, most people think that reviews that old are obsolete. Do you still provide the same quality? Are you still the owner? Or is the business sold and does not provide the same quality as before?

  3. Do not underestimate your competition. Just because you are ahead, it does not mean that you will stay ahead. You need to maintain your edge and keep adding to your reputation.

Our online review management helps you to:

  • Turn positive reviews into more business.

  • Capture negative experience reviews before they make it in to a review site, so you will have the chance to resolve them and turn them in to good experience reviews.

  • Protect your reputation and maintain your edge.

Why stop there? Customize the reviews to your industry!

supported review sites

Not seeing what you need? We are happy to integrate new sites. Just get in touch!


You will have created a Review and Lead Generating system all at the same time. Your Reputation will be shown in Search Engine Results, and Customers are now more likely to choose YOUR business for their dollars.

Protect Your Reputation and Generate Leads Simultaneously!



Acquire more customer reviews and easily gather them in one place with our simple process. We automate a multi-channel acquisition process via email and print and we create a page to help you get those great reviews from happy customers. We optimize the process with Google, Facebook and the industry specific sites that matter to you.



With ReviewLead, share the latest and greatest positive reviews through several different channels. Stream the compelling reviews to your website, through sales channels and on your social media to drive visibility!



This system works to divert these before going public, putting control back in your hands. Getting a bad review hurts, but it’s important that you handle it well. We work with you to craft responses that let your customer service shine, and minimize damage from unhappy customers.

If you are not active about managing your reviews online, others will take that control. We can help!

Interested to learn more? Call us 1 (800) 525-3061 now, email us, or schedule a quick presentation.

Not convinced yet? Real customers' video testimonials Check out the case studies

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